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Embrace this unique opportunity to spotlight your local business in front of a community that values shopping small and supporting regional creators.

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Markets for makers isn’t just an event

It’s a platform dedicated to fostering local economic growth and creating intimate connections between your brand and your ideal local clientele.



By emphasizing the importance of local commerce, we create a space where your brand can shine as a community-focused business, driving both recognition and loyalty.

Direct Engagement

With an average attendance of 4k-6k per event and 200k+ total past attendees, your brand will interact directly with a dedicated audience that values local products and services.

Community Trust

Aligning with Markets for Makers means partnering with an event that attendees trust for quality, local finds. This association can significantly enhance your brand’s local reputation.

Demographic Insights

With detailed insights into our audience, including a majority female demographic and significant purchasing power, you can tailor your offerings to meet their specific needs and desires.

Sponsorship Packages

Local 10×10 Booth

  • custom branded 10×10 Booth for product or service display
  • Highlight unique and regional appeal of offerings
  • Personal interaction with market attendees
  • Strategically placed at market for visibility and brand exposure

Community Table

  • your logo included on community table
  • Personal Engagement with market Attendees
  • Share Your Local Story Intimately

The power of local

By the numbers

Our goal is to transform gatherings into captivating occasions that resonate with a diverse audience, enriching our community’s reach.


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24-54 Age
50k+ Income
100k+ Income

Notes from our attendees

They’re having it in Austin for the first time on my birthday!! 🤩🤩 how perfect! Hands down best market 👏🙌😍

My younger sister that has Down syndrome had a blast. Thanks for creating such an open safe environment!

We had a wonderful time this past weekend at @marketsformakers

You don’t want to miss this unique event!

We had the best time 💕 you always know how to put on a great market!

The best market, period! Best venders, best products, DIY stations, food, photo booths… it really is my absolute favorite.

I went today with my friend and we had a blast! Such a good variety of vendors and so many fun things to buy! We will be back with more friends next year!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Can’t wait for you guys to be back to NYC!

Had an amazing time!!! can’t wait for the next one😍💕

Me still ogling over my last haul from the @marketsformakers #onrepeat

I LOVE YOUR MARKETS since the very first one!!!

Ideal Local Sponsors

We’re looking for local businesses that epitomize the spirit of community and craftsmanship. This includes:

Local Artisans
& Craftsmen

Showcase your handmade products and connect with consumers who appreciate the art of craftsmanship.

Restaurants & Cafés

Offer a taste of local flavors and introduce your culinary delights to a broader audience.

Wellness Centers

From local medspas to yoga studios, attract individuals invested in personal well-being.


Whether you’re a boutique furniture store or a niche bookshop, find new patrons who love supporting local retailers.

Local Service

From designers to handymen, connect with residents looking for trusted, local services.

Join our community

As a sponsor of Markets for Makers, you’re not just attending an event; you’re becoming a part of a movement that celebrates local businesses and sustainable shopping.

With our strategic local-focused campaigns and a robust community base, we offer a unique platform for your business to connect deeply and meaningfully with your ideal audience. Embrace this chance to elevate your local presence and create lasting relationships with customers who are eager to support and advocate for local businesses like yours.