Maker Stories: Sayblee of Sayblee

Go behind the scenes with some of our favorite makers! We sat down with these entrepreneurs for a deep dive on their businesses, what makes them tick and what they’ve got in store for the future! Join us as we Meet the Maker!

This time we spoke with Sayblee Darsale of Sayblee. Let’s dive in!

Sayblee of Sayblee

Q: Give us your back story! What made you want to start your business?

A: My need for healthy hair, using plant based ingredients! I’m a retired master natural hair care specialist. I was a cosmetologist for 20 plus years and I’m presently a hair and scalp scientist.

When I was seven years old, my neighbor used to ask me to do her hair. She would pay me fifty cents. She told me she prayed for me to go to America to do hair and make a lot of money, because I have a gift, and in America people make a lot of money from their gifts. I came to America because of the civil war in my country, Liberia, West Africa.

Here, a salon relaxed my hair and I started losing my hair! After a year, I looked at myself in the mirror and said I had to stop relaxing my hair or I would be bald by the age of fifty. I started braiding my own hair while in college. My college mates liked it and some of them asked me to do theirs, which led me to beauty school in 1996.

In beauty school the product ingredients were unhealthy. I told myself that someday I would create a safe product for people’s hair. I believe I created my product line to nourish people’s hair from both inside and out. I’m Sayblee: a mother, consultant, an inventor and a hair and scalp specialist.

Q: Did you come in with experience or did you learn as you went?

A: I had a lot of experience about the function of hair from the inside out before I developed the Sayblee product line.

Q: What makes Sayblee unique compared to other companies?

A: Sayblee is an organic, vegan certified hair care product line made of all-natural ingredients. Sayblee products penetrate hair follicles to nourish damaged hair and promote growth, blending the power of nature and science, while transforming your hair to reveal healthy luster and volume. The innovative hair care line delivers the benefits of nature and the advancement of science to promote healthy sustainable beauty. Sayblee offers a Triple R total haircare system: Restore, Regrow and Retain.

Q: What kinds of challenges have you had to overcome as a small business owner and entrepreneur?

A: I’m staying focused because I know the Sayblee product line is needed on the holistic hair growth and vegan lifestyle market. When I started my plant based hair growth product in 2011, there weren’t many (if any) products like mine out there. Getting the Sayblee product in to mainstream has been a challenge but I’m finding my way there through platforms like this!

Q: How have you coped with COVID? How have you had to pivot?

A: Giving up is NOT an option! I’ve been focusing heavily on my online store and working with platforms like this. I’ve been calling salons and encouraging them to try Sayblee products to help increase their revenue while they keep their clients hair healthy.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: I’m busy doing it all! I’m manufacturing Sayblee products, giving FREE 30 minute consultations over the phone to customers with hair concerns, delivering local orders and arranging curbside pickups (customers can text me at 305-648-0055). We just started going to the Coconut Grove Farmers market, so we hope to work that at least two to three Saturdays out of the month. Otherwise I’m also spending time staying connected on IG and Facebook. I also spend time learning about the world of digital marketing, and am realizing it is not my favorite field of work (LOL)!

Q: Is this your full time job? How do you balance your job and family with your business?

A: Yes, it is my full time job and therefore must succeed. Thankfully, my daughter is grown and married. I’m a proud Dabo (grandma) but I make time a few days a week to visit my grandchild.

Q: What are your goals for the future of Sayblee?

A: My goal for Sayblee is to make it a lifestyle product line. I’d like to sell in high end salons, hotels, mainstream America and the rest of the world. I believe it is achievable.

Q: What do you like most about what you do? What keeps you going?

A: I like to see the transformation Sayblee products can make for customers’ hair. Our products provide change, for the better, without putting any chemicals on our customers’ bodies.

Q: What are you looking forward to most, post-COVID?

A: I’m looking forward to continue living a healthy lifestyle (loving God, family and friends in every and anyway the Lord permits me). My short term business goal is to increase online sales.

Q: We’re suckers for fun facts! Tell us more about you; share some deep dark secrets!

A: I’m a fantastic cook. I love my native African food. A nice fish or vegan dish is my speciality! I’m not married yet, but I am open to it. My favorite TV show is Frontline on PBS and my all time favorite movie is Pretty Woman. I love documentaries, taking long distance walks and dogs. I’m an early bird. I laugh at myself because I feel like every young man and woman I meet is my child; I always get in the protective “mother mood” or offer advice.

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