What if I am not accepted into the Market?

Originally on FAQ on Makers Info Page

While we wish we could accept every maker into our markets, what makes our markets unique is that we are a juried market looking for a specific type of aesthetic and products that we know sell well in our markets.

If you have not been accepted into our market, this could be for many reasons. One of which could be that you are in a very competitive category with limited spaces. As we grow, we receive more and more applications for each category, especially jewelry.

Another reason could be that we have seen a type of product not sell well in our markets and we ultimately want you to be successful and know there will be other markets that are a better fit. You also may have a product that is not allowed in our markets like CBD, weapons, etc. Products using licensed imagery and brands. (Products with other brand’s logos or insignias, movies, tv shows, universities, etc.) Fanart is acceptable, but a clear modification of various logos and characters is not normally accepted.

The last reason is that a Maker is lacking in one of the areas that we evaluate makers. We are looking for the following attributes in our makers.


  • Application & Communication: With every application we ask for photos and booth photos, sometimes we have to remind makers to send those to us and often follow up without response. Before applying, we ask makers to add our email to their safe lists to ensure they get all of our communication. We also may ask questions without any response. We process hundreds of applications making it very time consuming to track down an incomplete application. Makers that do not promptly respond around deadlines, can impact their acceptance.
  • Products: Products are reviewed on quality and uniqueness. We review product packaging and branding, and look for an overall cohesive brand aesthetic. We prioritize handmade items.
  • Booth display: Please see our Pinterest board for what we are looking for. We expect each booth within the market to feel like its own experience with a beautiful presentation of the products not just for the market but giving us confidence makers are putting their best foot forward to have good sales. We also like to see shelving, displays and booths full of products vs. an empty table with a few products on the table.
  • Online presence: Our team reviews a company’s website for ease of use, branding and e-commerce capabilities. We also review applicant’s social media accounts for: following, growth, frequent postings and engagement. It is very important for us to see makers posting and engaging so we can see a maker trying to grow and engaging with customers outside of markets.

When looking through hundreds of applications, a makers active social media, products and booth presentation have a large impact when we are selecting makers.

While we prepare for a market and host a market our team is looking for the following qualities in Makers to be invited back:

  • General good vibes and attitude
  • Kindness with our team
  • Promotional efforts online
  • Good communication
  • Maker’s understanding and compliance of our policies

If you have been in one of our past markets please note that our team rotates makers and has been reducing the amount of makers in each category so that each maker in the market has the best chance of good sales. We also work to rotate in new makers and past acceptance does not guarantee future acceptance. Please note the above selection criteria as well.

If you have never been accepted to our markets: While we would like to encourage you to apply again to our markets, we request that you only apply if you have made changes to your products or your online presence to align with our above description, and also grow your following and business.  If you have made changes and have not been accepted after a second attempt, this could mean that it may not be the right fit, and our team wishes you and your company continued success.