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Wild Child Hat Co

Jacksonville, FL

Wild Child Hat Co is a mom-owned small business that creates adorable hats for your kiddos with cute and colorful prints. No logos or big words! We are now also offering our prints on child-sized fave coverings that are offered in great bundles paired with coordinating solid colors!

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Jipsē Candles + Apothecary

Jacksonville, FL

We are seriously into STAYING HOME, MUSIC that makes you dance alone in your pj’s, cupcakes (donuts, etc), tequila (wine too), The Real Housewives of New York, THE PLANET, the beach, giant hats, HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN, animals, GOOD SMELLS, feeling cozy, a warm bath, SELF CARE & GUILTY PLEASURES. Did I mention animals.

We are NOT INTO being perfect, testing on animals, fomo, judging others, not having a sense of humor or being able to laugh at yourself.

We relish in the joy of making luxury products that incorporate a little fun and sass.
Combing a minimalistic, soft & slightly feminine design, with a touch of musical whimsy, creating an unconventional vibe.

We always use ethically resourced ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals & cruelty free.

Coupon code: M4M2020 for 15% off your entire order

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Bee Friends Farm

Jacksonville, FL

Started in 2013 by beekeeper Michael Leach, Bee Friends Farm produces some of the best raw, local honey you can find in Jacksonville. It’s true that honey bees face more challenges than ever and at Bee Friends Farm the health of our hives comes first. Michael is always looking for ways he can help strengthen the bees we manage. Healthy bees happen to produce amazing honey, try a taste and you’ll be hooked! You can feel confident knowing that you are purchasing the highest quality raw, local honey you can for you and your family. For an up-close look at our hives and a peek into our bee yards follow Bee Friends Farm on Instagram and Facebook!

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I’m Salty Body Scrubs

West Palm Beach, FL

I’m Salty Body Scrubs is fueled by my passion for the ocean and love for all things sassy! It quickly became my creative outlet, and transformed from a side hustle to a full-blown business within just a few months. I wanted to give my customers a product using top quality ingredients, which is why I use skin-loving oils, pure ocean sea salt, and unrefined Shea butter from Ghana. I am proud to support a team of hardworking women that traditionally make the Shea butter by hand. Helping them also keeps their children in school, which I love! I have fun creating my scrubs in small batches, and truly put my heart into each one. My hope is that the sassy labels put a smile on your face and that you enjoy the ultimate exfoliating/moisturizing experience. You’ll be excited for your next salty shower!

Coupon Code: GETSALTY2020 for 15% off

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Holly Keith Lingerie

Jacksonville, FL

Holly Keith Lingerie (HKL) is a luxury lingerie brand, re-inventing the way bra sizing is done. Our focus is fit, so your focus can be on feeling beautiful.

HKL was founded after years of researching not only the industry and history of lingerie, but also women’s bodies, measurements, and bra sizing. Holly discovered a disconnect between the bra sizes offered and the bra sizes women should be wearing. It was then that she realized something different needed to be done to a sizing system that hadn’t been updated since its invention in the 1930s.

Society has told us we are either an A, B, C, D, or DD cup with sizes rarely extending beyond that. This has not only limited the sizing the industry has offered, but also creating certain stigmas around sizes. With this in mind, Holly Keith Lingerie has invented a new bra sizing system that turns your focus to fit, not the size label. Our aim is to fit more women, better, with beautiful and luxurious lingerie.

Coupon code: FALLM4M20 for 20% off

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