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MercuryX Shop

Merrick, NY

I’m all about creating even more beauty with natural elements like twigs, crystals, and live plants and putting them together to create decorative pieces for your home. A bit of color breathes new life onto a piece of wood. I’m forever wishing to evoke natural, dreamlike feelings through my pieces, bringing instant happiness and ease. They’re all one of a kind and hand crafted to keep the special feel.

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Moji Masala

New York, NY

We are Moji Masala® and we make it super easy for you to cook authentic and traditional homemade Indian food without spending hundreds of dollars on spices and hundreds of hours shopping for them. It’s the kind of Indian food you’d eat in someone’s home.

Moji means Mama in Kashmiri. Masala means spice blend. We are a family owned and operated business and these masalas and recipes have been carefully handed down through the generations. It is our great joy to share them with you.

Moji’s premium Indian spice blends are ethically sourced from around the world, ground fresh and heat sealed in foil lined kraft pouches. Each pack is pre-measured and comes with a shopping list of a few simple ingredients on the back. With our corresponding recipe, you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it is to cook like Moji.
Our twelve single packet masalas and multi-pack gift sets are for Vegans and meat lovers alike.

One pack = One Dish. It’s That Easy.

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Ora Ana


Veronika Payne is the designer and founder of Ora Ana, where each piece starts as just a thought, transforms into a sketch, then spec, and finally a wearable piece of jewelry. Veronika attributes her love of design to a fluke shopping trip in SoHo, where she spent hours creating & unraveling the backstories of the jewelry on display. Now, the pieces she creates lend themselves to celebrating the stories of her clientele. In English ”Ora Ana” translates to “No One”. In a world seemingly full of self-promotion, we are no one, our customers are everything. Ora Ana is a collection of 18k Gold Plated and Silver, Simple, Bold & Overstated, Next-Level Jewelry. We Remind Women that they are Worthy of Appreciation Now and Not “When”. Aspirations Drive us; however, this Moment of Our Journey is Worth Celebrating. The Ora Ana Collection is designed in New York City and is 100% hypoallergenic.

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Alex Greco Lettering

New York, NY

At Alex Greco Lettering, we are on a mission to transform the traditional written word into modern art. We craft modern lettering and calligraphy that celebrates life’s most special moments and gatherings. Our designs evoke our modern approach to calligraphy and we aim to inspire creativity and joy in everyone. We are always up for a challenge, taking on any medium to transform our clients’ story into written art. We believe in doing what you love and sharing it with others to empower creative, joy-filled lives.

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Kate Koel

Brooklyn, NY

I love capturing different stones and flowers in classic geometric shapes, it shows how many beautiful details may be hidden in a simple form. It’s like life – you need to look deeper to discover more. I strive to explore and recreate a particular emotion, an idea or a memory in my jewelry, that’s how different collections were born. I like when my customers share personal stories connected to the pieces I made for them. I help them to transform memories and feelings into daily reminders that they can take everywhere they go. Like dried flowers found in grandma’s book that I transformed into a bracelet became a wearable memory of someone close. Or how someone recalls a starry night in Hawaii every time they look at Galaxy Necklace. I have a whole collection of stories like this! I feel incredibly happy that my creations are able to evoke those feelings in others, allowing me to connect to people on a deeper level.

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Brooklyn, NY

We are a boutique candle studio that prides itself in having a thoughtful approach to the small batch process. All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches and each scent is hand-blended in our Brooklyn studio to be a unique, true-to-life scent creation. Simple and minimal with a hint of nostalgic charm, they are designed to compliment every style of home or lifestyle.

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