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Goddamn Man Co

Portland, OR

We love men and their beards! We help men feel confident about how they show up in the world so they can attract their lovers and be on top of their game without distraction. That’s why we handcraft body and beard care products to nourish your skin, tame your beard, and preserve your good looks. We are a woman-owned business. Our values: • We handcraft our products with love, humor, and responsibly sourced ingredients. • We use only certified organic, wild harvested or Pacific Northwest-grown ingredients. • We use environmentally friendly sourcing, shipping, and making practices. • We prioritize sourcing from local, BIPOC-owned, or women-owned businesses. • We invest at least 1% of sales in social justice organizations. Our product line currently includes beard oils, beard balms, grooming kits, hand balm, lip balm and face serum.

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Randi Lynn Reed Illustration

Portland, OR

Hello and welcome! My name is Randi and I am an artist based in Portland, Oregon who is inspired everyday by the wildlife and landscapes of the beautiful PNW. Having nature as my muse, I usually like to work with watercolor, colored pencils, oil pastel and gouache either using each individually or together as mixed media. It is my passion to create magic on paper, bringing together nature with creativity and imagination! I am also pursuing children’s book illustration as well as some other art books I have in the works. Thank you so for stopping by and supporting my dream! It is a joy and delight to bring a little magic to your home!

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Take Two Foods

Portland, OR

Take Two is a plant-based food company creating second chances for our health and the planet. We use Rejuvenated Barley — upcycled spent grain from beer production — to craft our Barleymilk. Our mission is to help catalyze the shift to a sustainable food system and create a plant-rich future. Take Two Barleymilk raises the bar for what plant-based milk can and should bring to the table. It’s crafted with the highest-quality ingredients; contains complete protein, calcium, and good fats; and has significantly less sugar than both dairy and other plant-based milks. By creating delicious, nourishing, functional, and affordable plant-based food using Rejuvenated Barley, Take Two is creating better food for a better future. We give a second life to spent grain because people deserve delicious, nourishing food, and because the planet deserves better, too.

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