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Collective Harmony Co

Wheaton, IL

Collective Harmony Co was born in May of 2019. Owner and Founder, Haley, started her candle making journey back in the fall of 2017 as accents for her home. This quickly turned into a love for all natural products, simpler ingredients and fragrances that can bring you back to a time + place. Haley loves that fragrances have the ability to bring back fond memories from childhood, milestone events + more. Using this idea, she works to find scents that will stir up your favorite memories + help to create new ones, too! Collective Harmony was founded on the idea that handmade items should be crafted with the idea to bring a wholesome feeling to any occasion. Their Mission is to provide you with the best smelling scents that can transport you back to a time or place, event or season, or to help you create new memories.

All of Collective Harmony’s products are made using natural ingredients. It’s better for you, and for the environment!

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