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Food trucks may apply to Jacksonville and Chicago markets.

Miami only has the capabilities to showcase small trailer bars.

Please use the contact form for pricing and application information.


Do you have a fun experience to provide our attendees? Contact us! We’d love to connect.


Wildy Belle

There are no words to express how much I loved being part of this past market for makers. The level of organization is incredible. The team’s first priority is to have a successful event for all vendors and they take care of every single detail. It takes a lot run this kind of event during COVID-19 times but the Markets for Makers team made us all feel safe. Markets for Makers is a great platform to showcase your products, I met amazing customers and made significant business contacts. And I really enjoy meeting other amazing vendors. Thank you Natalie & Team for allowing us to have a space again during this hard time for small business.

The Social Dawg

This was our first Markets for Makers events and we hope it was our first of many. Our overall experience was delightful, from the pre-market interactions with the organization to their support during the event. They went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had the best experience possible. We were overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and enjoyed our experience with all the amazing vendors and customers throughout the two day event. Looking forward to attending more events in the future!

Le Coco Candles

My first Market for Makers event and I am beyond happy. Their organization, curation of makers, venue and engagement with the crowd they bring is fantastic. As a new maker with a small business and at the beginning as an attendee at a handful of events, I can see the difference. Their team is well organized and attentive. With COVID, they took all precautions to take care of us makers, their staff and attendees. It exceeded my expectations and can’t wait to be part of another one.


Markets for Makers is the best organization for small business owners to reach both existing and new customers. The way they organize their venues, parking, location, music, food and beverage is amazing. It is a lot of work but they make it look like effortless. They are always around to help and answer questions. Every team member is positive, helpful and super friendly! Thank you for supporting our small businesses!


Market for Makers ha sido siempre una experiencia increíble y se la recomiendo a todos los amigos que tengo, por la cantidad de gente que asiste, que son personas interesadas en lo que es hecho a mano, que vienen a comprar no solo a ver. La verdad hacen muy buen trabajo con el marketing!

Tiramisu Paperie

Market for Makers is clearly about the maker. They believe in us as vendors and want to see us grow and succeed. Natalie and her team are welcoming, professional and beyond helpful. I love working with them and have for the past few years. Every show is more successful for our company.

Ganapati Crafts Co.

Finally there’s an event company that knows how to promote an event properly in 21st century! Markets for Makers does an awesome job with online marketing. Thank you for providing social media marketing kits for vendors. It makes it so much easier advertising the events!

CREO Healing Jewelry

Markets for Makers is more than just a market, it’s a great community of people focused on supporting small businesses, and a well-curated place where you find the most innovative and finest makers. I’m more than honored to have been part of this market!

Maco MadeinColombia

Markets for Makers has been crucial in my business success. I love the organization of the event; Natalie and her crew carefully plan and develop every aspect of the market to make vendors and attendees’ experience unforgettable.

Mele Art & Design

Participating in Markets for Makers is always a great experience! The organization, the communication, the high level of the makers makes this bazaar one of the best! I have been participating in their events for 3 years and whenever I can, I will continue!


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COVID-19 Policies

We will be following local CDC guidelines for each city and monitoring capacity in each venue with time slot tickets.

COVID policies:

You may not come to the market if you have been exposed to, have, or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and if you have been exposed or have COVID-19, you must wait until you have a doctor’s note saying you are safe to attend.

Given current events, you should plan ahead in case anyone on your team contracts COVID-19, so that your company can still attend the market (i.e. having additional staff in case someone is sick or caring for a sick person) as we do not offer refunds and expect makers to have planned ahead during this pandemic. It takes a lot of time and organization to put on a market, so having our makers come fully prepared is incredibly important to the success of this event for everyone including attendees.

In the unlikely event that the market is canceled/postponed due to government-imposed COVID-19 ordinances, your payment is non refundable.

Disclaimer: Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during the market but ask you to take precautions to greatly decrease any possibility of exposure.

Acceptance Schedule

Applications are currently open! Acceptances will be sent out September 1st.

After September 1st: New applications are reviewed weekly until the market is full. Once a market or category is full, this will be noted on the application or in the city’s information.

Please be sure to add to your email’s address book so that you do not miss updates and acceptance! We send acceptances to the email address that you apply with, so be sure to check twice for typos! If you have not heard from our team by September 1st, please email our team. We respond one way or another to every application.

What should I bring to the market?

Makers will be provided a space and should bring tables, chairs and displays.

A full checklist of what you can bring to a market can be found by CLICKING HERE. You can sign into Canva to create a custom copy for yourself. Please note, this is a general checklist so if we have a market indoors, you do not need to bring a tent, and will want to modify this list for the specific market.

What qualifies as a Maker?

Makers are artists, writers, photographers, collectors, and designers, they are the creators and dreamers that are driven to create the next great brands of the future.

We accept applications from makers with:

  • High-quality craft and handmade items
  • Vintage or antique collectibles
  • Up-cycled or restored salvage
  • Artists
  • Up-and-coming brands

We do not accept makers with:

  • Direct sales & multi-level marketing (Mary Kay, LulaRoe, It Works, LipSense, Scentsy, etc).
  • Wholesale distributors —This is in contrast to a boutique.
  • Franchises
  • Products using licensed imagery and brands. (Products with other brand’s logos or insignias, movies, tv shows, universities, etc.) Fanart is acceptable, but a clear modification of various logos and characters is not normally accepted.

We are a family-friendly event and do not accept makers or products with:

  • Weapons
  • Products with hateful and divisive messages
  • Drug paraphernalia/products and messaging that promote drugs
  • Curative products like CBD oils or pain relievers

Jewelry Makers

We prioritize handmade jewelry! Jewelry is our most applied to category and we have to limit the amount of makers in that category to not over saturate our markets.

In order to fully understand each jewelry application, we are now asking for photos and videos behind the scenes of makers crafting their products in studio and showing our team their process. Please expect to send us your photos and videos after you apply.

How are Makers evaluated and selected?

Our aim is to select Makers we feel have the most potential for brand growth and wish to get exposure at our markets to get to the next level.

Makers are judged on the following criteria:


  • Products: Products are reviewed on quality and uniqueness. We review product packaging and branding, and look for an overall cohesive brand aesthetic. We prioritize handmade items.
  • Booth display: Please see our Pinterest board for what we are looking for. We expect each booth within the market to feel like its own experience.
  • Online presence: Our team review’s a company’s website for ease of use, branding and e-commerce capabilities. We also review applicant’s social media accounts for: following, growth, and engagement (including Instagram and Facebook).

During the market our team is looking for the following qualities in Makers to be invited back:

  • General good vibes and attitude
  • Engagement and attentiveness with shoppers
  • Promotional efforts online
  • Booth display
  • Adherence to schedules (payment, load-in, load-out)
  • Good communication
  • Maker’s understanding and compliance of our policies (leaving an event early, bringing pre-approved products only, leaving booth space clean, etc.)

Please note: We have a capped amount of makers per category to ensure the market maintains a standard of high-quality and variety. 

Participation in past markets does not guarantee a spot for future markets as we do rotate vendors. This is to ensure the market stays fresh for makers and attendees alike.

What if I am not accepted into the Market?

While we wish we could accept every maker into our markets, what makes our markets unique is that we are a juried market looking for a specific type of aesthetic and products that we know sell well in our markets.

If you have not been accepted into our market, this could be for many reasons. One of which could be that you are in a very competitive category with limited spaces. As we grow, we receive more and more applications for each category.

Another reason could be that we have seen a type of product not sell well in our markets and we ultimately want you to be successful and know there will be other markets that are a better fit. You also may have a product that is not allowed in our markets like CBD, weapons, etc.

The last reason is that a Maker is lacking in one of the areas that we evaluate makers. We are looking for the following attributes in our makers.


  • Products: Products are reviewed on quality and uniqueness. We review product packaging, branding, price point and look for an overall cohesive brand aesthetic and product line. We prioritize handmade items and companies that specialize in one product category, thus creating a strong brand.
  • Booth display: Please see our Pinterest board for what we are looking for. We expect each booth within the market to feel like its own experience. We love unique displays where makers think outside of the box (i.e. traditional table and chair) and use shelving to bring their products up to the eye level of attendees.
  • Online presence: Our team review’s a company’s website for ease of use, branding, and e-commerce capabilities. We also review an applicant’s social media accounts for: following, growth, and engagement (including Instagram and Facebook).
    NOTE: We prefer our makers to have their own modern and mobile-friendly websites instead of having only an Etsy. We’ve seen makers make better sales using e-commerce websites as they’re able to track visitors to their site and retarget them with advertisements.

During the virtual market our team is looking for the following qualities in Makers to be invited back:

  • General good vibes and attitude
  • Promotional efforts online
  • Good communication
  • Maker’s understanding and compliance of our policies

While we would like to encourage you to apply again to our markets, we request you only apply if you have made changes to your products or your online presence to align with our above description, and also grow your following and business.  If you have made changes and have not been accepted after a second attempt, this could mean that it may not be the right fit, and our team wishes you and your company continued success.

This is my first market, how do I apply?

Our market is for first time makers as well as emerging and established brands.

We encourage first-time makers to apply to our markets. Booth displays will be required and we encourage first-time makers to create a test-run display inside or outside of their home to give our team an understanding of what their booth will look like, as well as prove they’re fully prepared for the market.

We highly suggest you check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

What are the logistics?

Each market has its own set of logistics. You will be sent a full folder of information and social media posts at least two weeks before a market and after you have paid for your booth.

We normally start set up 3 hours before a market on Saturday and 1.5 hours on Sunday. We expect all makers to be fully set up and in place 30 minutes before market opening.


Market fees are paid upfront and booth/table fees will be refunded if you are not accepted into the market or waitlisted.

The $25 application fee and credit card processing fees (2.9% + 30 cents) are nonrefundable.

Application fees cover all administrative costs of our team’s time to individually process and consider each application thoroughly, but does not guarantee acceptance into the market.


Once a maker is accepted into our market, we do not issue any refunds under any circumstances including unforeseeable events including pandemic outbreaks, government regulations, hurricanes or other weather related events, etc.

In the case that you have to cancel or simply cannot attend please email as soon as possible. Day-of cancellations and no-shows without any communication can affect future acceptances.

We highly suggest you consider business insurance and event insurance as they help cover your costs in case of emergency or inclement weather.

Terms & Conditions

Before applying, please read through, understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Your signature on our application acknowledging these terms are required for participation so please help us by being on the same page with our policies!

Please read the FAQ before applying



please read faq before applying