New Year, New Home Makeover

The days of 2020 are in the past! We’re looking ahead and that means a full 2021 refresh, starting with the space where we spend most of our time! Let’s kick off this year with a new vibe for your abode. Read through these fabulous finds to give your place the new year facelift it deserves.

Made by Kippen

Made by Kippen is our go-to for small batch, handmade “modern home accessories.” Their unique concrete items “are perfect for any decor style,” featuring geometric angles and a neutral color palette. We love the No.30| Geo Catchall Bowl as a way to keep all those loose items tidied up while looking like a statement piece (just $25); it’s perfect for holding your jewelry, keys, spare change and more! For more great finds, check out their new goods (starting at only $18).

Silver and Shine

Silver and Shine is bound to liven up any kitchen with their hilarious vintage, silver plated and stamped flatware. Laugh more this year, even when you’re doing mundane tasks like having breakfast! We can’t help but giggle over this Cereal Killer Spoon ($13). The shop offers a range of one-of-a-kind accessories for your home, from bookmarks to flower vases and more (all starting at only $13)!

Apartment No.3

Changing the theme of an entire space is sometimes as easy as swapping out pillows (starting at just $15)! Find a great selection at one of our favorite shops: Apartment No.3. They offer “unique handmade pieces that carry and transmit a rich cultural heritage” from talented artisans from around the globe. They consider each product they carry to be a piece of art, and that means they’re all capable of transforming your space! Begin building a fresh look for your rooms around one of their baskets (from $15) or rugs (from $15).


Looking for a conversation starter? Look no further than MVPSTUDIO, where you’ll find “functional ceramic vessels for everyday rituals, routines and adornment of home and body.” Guests won’t be able to help but notice this Ceramic Hoop Wall Hanging ($85). Or if you prefer to make small statements consider this Mini Incense Disk (only $12). Give any room personality with these truly unique finds.

Bohemian Rêves

Consider goods from Bohemian Rêves for a truly fresh start! The plant-based, hand-crafted beauty line carries a full smudges + vibes collection to set the tone in your home for the new year! Grab the White Sage Eucalyptus Smudge Bundle ($16); according to them, “white sage has been used for centuries for its cleansing properties” and “eucalyptus is used to bring fresh energy to a situation, to heal regrets and worries, and to relieve mental exhaustion.” Just what 2021 needs! Or if you prefer to not light up your space, try the The Becky Smudge Spray ($26) instead; the “citrine and carnelian infused pH balanced water” helps to “amplify energy and intentions to cleanse your space.”


Looking to “happy” up your furnishings? At Brass+Balance, they’re “committed to brightening up homes, one at a time with shiny metal things.” Each of their brass hanging mobile designs are hand cut, sanded and assembled piece by piece to create a “one-of-a-kind item.” If the goal is to help cheer up your “sanctuary” (AKA your home), we’d say they’ve accomplished it! Our pick is The Weho ($165) but we love The Marina del Rey ($185) and how it looks like it’s “raining shapes.”

Planets In Time

If a print from Planets In Time is a conversation starter, each of their stories were written in the stars! “Discover how the planets aligned the day your world changed forever, a memory captured in our celestial illustration of the planets in the night sky.” They use NASA algorithms to “accurately plot the planets to your chosen date” and commemorate it in personalized hand-painted solar system artwork. From birthdays to anniversaries, decorate your space with meaning with your own unique print (from $51).

Lewie and Berg Littles

Lewie and Berg Littles is the company behind the handmade, vintage-modern crochet toys that parents love as much as their children! Get rid of those bright, noisy and dime a dozen trinkets that have been littering your floors. Upgrade your children’s toy selection this year with goods like the Lionheart Lovey ($50) or Tina The Llama ($73). These are the kinds of timeless pieces you won’t mind lying around the house.

You can’t go wrong with any of these elevated home goods! Just a reminder, check our virtual market to look for these makers; many offer discount codes for virtual market-goers! Shop and save! Be sure you drop a comment below if you snag any of these great recommendations and tag us in your decor and style photos!

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