Past Ticketed Attendees


Total Past Attendees


Average Ad Reach Per Campaign:


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24-54 years old


Annual household income of at least:







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27-28 FEBRUARY 2021
20+21 MARCH 2021

April & May Dates to be Announced

$300 Saturday + Sunday
$50 corner upgrade









Sommer Letter Co.

The Markets for Makers team really takes care of their vendors. They think through important logistics like parking, and whether a venue has space for loading in/out. They pay attention to every vendor and make sure there are no “bad spots” in dark corners away from customers. Best of all, I know my booth fees are going toward really great, targeted advertising. I’m not just paying for a spot on the floor; I’m paying a super professional company to bring in an excited crowd of customers. I love working with them!

The Wanderlust Bazaar

This is The Wanderlust Bazaar’s second Market for Makers and all we can say is WOW. The Market for Makers team has not stopped impressing us since day one. We are so thankful for the process and turn out of each market. The team is well rehearsed in executing a seamless and successful market with a specially curated group of vendors and attendees that are ideal for your company and its success during the markets. We could not recommend this market more!

Utku Organic Cotton

Haber conocido a Markets for Makers ya sido una experiencia increíble para Utku. Cuando decidimos emprender este reto con mi esposo, el Pierce Street Market fue nuestra primera plaza y nos encontramos con un equipo de gente joven, talentosa y profesional que hacen que cada evento sea especial. Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de crecer con ustedes.

The Trelles Cottage

I am blown away by the attention to detail this team has to ensuring overall success for their Makers. As a first time participant with the M4M I was surprised to see the amount of communication they sent out including promos. They really took the guess work out and allowed me to focus on my brand. I can’t wait for the next event!

The Wynwood Watch Co.

I enjoyed being part of the Market for Makers Virtual Market. My experience was great! I got a lot of traffic to my online shop through participating of this market. It is a great and well run organization that helps small businesses be seen and get sales, especially now more than ever, we must focus on getting leads virtually in order to grow our businesses. I appreciate the effort and level of organization that Market for Makers has done to help my small business during this time!

Hype Nail

We loved the Miami Market for Makers. It was amazing to connect with the community in Miami and experience the many talented Makers from all around Florida. It was an amazing weekend for Hype Nail and we absolutely recommend this event for all Makers to participate and people to attend!

Buena Vista Candle Co.

The Market for Makers team are an extraordinary bunch dedicated to producing quality markets not only for guests, but also for vendors. The Miami event absolutely exceed my expectations as a vendor. Their level of organization and communication before, during and after the event is unmatched. If Market for Makers is in your city, this event is not to be missed!

Persika Design Co.

Markets for Makers checks off everything on my list! It’s superbly organized, with no stone left unturned. I am confident that the team has a killer strategy for their advertising and marketing because this event brings in the crowds! I had so much fun at this event, made great connections, and enjoyed getting to know other vendors from across the country. I can’t wait to participate in future events!

And Studio

Markets for Makers was our first big event of this kind and it was a big success for us! The organizers really made sure everyone was displaying their work to their full potential and this pushed us to make sure we were intentional and professional about our set up which definitely paid off in the end. The space was awesome and helped elevate the work of all the vendors. In addition to selling our products we were able to make some connections with store owners about selling wholesale as well as take some requests for commissioned pieces. We couldn’t have asked for a better start for our studio.

Urban Chic Studio

This was Urban Chic Studio’s first Markets for Makers in Chicago and it exceeded my expectations. What a successful event it was! I was impressed with the organization and level of communication with the vendors even the marketing materials they provide before the event! Loved the location, beautiful Artifact Events building and the relaxing atmosphere for customers to shop, entertain and socialize. I can’t wait for the next event!


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

This will be our first market in over a year.  In order to get back to markets, we are taking safety precautions seriously so that we can host our market safely for both Makers and attendees.

  • Facemasks will be required for attendees and makers at all times.
  • Temperature checks will be performed at the door for both makers and attendees.
  • Our team will provide hand sanitizer at the door but hand sanitizer must be at every maker’s booth. 
  • The outdoor space is very large and capacity will be monitored.  We will sell tickets with time slots to ensure that our normal crowd is spaced out throughout the day without causing a long line at the door.
  • We highly suggest that Makers clean their spaces throughout the day and have plexiglass barriers at checkout.
  • Makers must work within CDC guidelines for food sampling and “smell” tests (for candles).
  • You are responsible for ensuring social distancing and safe practices at your booth space.

Food, Drinks & Samples:


For those makers with sweet treats, please pre-package these items and let your customers know they should find a safe space outside of the market to consume their goodies.

For those makers with samples, please have each sample prepared to CDC guidelines with closed packaging and provide a trash can for samples to be thrown into.

COVID policies:

In the unlikely event that the market is canceled/postponed due to government-imposed COVID-19 ordinances, your payment will be converted to a credit that can be used at any of our markets (live or virtual) for up to 2 years from the purchase date. Refunds are not possible due to the financial obligations and time Markets for Makers takes on as event organizers. (Please see FAQ, “What does it take to put on a market?”)

You may not come to the market if you have been exposed to, have, or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and if you have been exposed or have COVID-19, you must wait until you have a doctor’s note saying you are safe to attend.

Given current events, you should plan ahead in case anyone on your team contracts COVID-19, so that your company can still attend the market (i.e. having additional staff in case someone is sick or caring for a sick person) as we do not offer refunds and expect makers to have planned ahead. It takes a LOT to put on a market so having our makers come fully prepared is incredibly important to the success of this event for everyone including attendees.

Disclaimer: Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during the market but ask you to take the above precautions to greatly decrease any possibility of exposure.

What does it take to put on a market?

So that makers can understand our refund policies on all that it takes to put on a market, we went through all of the tasks of what we do behind the scenes to make sure your market experience is flawless. We believe any successful event is 90% preparation, 9% execution, and 1% caffeine.

The tasks that our small but mighty team carries out to prep for a single market:


  • Designing and setting up paid promotion for Maker application ads, so you are surrounded by good quality makers.
  • Reviewing 100’s-1000’s applications and selecting quality makers.
  • Coordinating and preparing info for makers.
  • Handling thousands of incoming questions and coordination details.
  • Coordinating 100+ accepted makers.
  • Researching and reaching out to Makers in categories that are not as full so there is a variety of quality makers.


  • Scouting and finding premiere venues that align with our values.
  • Handling contracts and insurance with the venues.
  • Coordinating venue logistics.
  • Handling hundreds of to-do actions for the market’s design, decor, and supplies.
  • Promoting, interviewing, hiring, and training market staff.
  • Coordinating photographers and photography packages.
  • Coordinating travel, hotels, and transporting our supplies to and from the venue.
  • Several months out from a market we order totes and pay venue rental fees.


  • Designing promotional material months in advance. 
  • Scheduling, posting, and engaging in social media.
  • Creating an engaging website to promote the market to makers and sell tickets to our event.
  • Creating, running, and monitoring daily about 30+ ads in various formats to all platforms.
  • Coordinating and inviting influencers.


Market days are a small portion of what it takes to put on a market. 

  • Setting up decor, DIY stations, taping out maker spaces, ticketing, and photo stations.
  • Loading in 100+ hungry and caffeine-deprived makers.
  • Market days consist of maintaining entrances/exits and capacity in the building, keeping everyone happy, and troubleshooting.
  • Preparing thousands of bags and distribute them to thousands of attendees.
  • Handling attendee questions online and at the market.


  • Reposting content, liking, and commenting on all social media of the market.
  • Sending surveys to past makers and attendees.
  • Meetings reviewing ways we can improve for our next market.
  • Logging and paying all expenses, taxes, and business fees.

What should I bring to the market?

Makers will be provided a 10×10 space and should bring tables, chairs, displays and a white tent or white umbrella for shade.

A full checklist of what you should bring to the market can be found by CLICKING HERE. You can sign into Canva to create a custom copy for yourself.

How do you advertise the markets?

If there’s one thing our team knows how to do, it is marketing. Our founder’s background is in online marketing, social media marketing, and branding. With her years of expertise, she has been able to successfully launch 6 cities in the past two years with over 80 successful markets under her belt.

Our team strategically utilizes our budget in the areas that have seen the most impact and results. These areas include:
• Facebook Ads
• Instagram Ads – both in news feeds and on “stories”
• Influencers are a huge piece of our marketing puzzle

Our makers comment time and time again on how they see our ads everywhere the week of an event. This is due to the fact that we reserve at least 70% of our budget within 10-14 days of the market including a budget reserved for the day on Saturday to help keep our Sunday crowd strong.

What qualifies as a Maker? Are food and drinks allowed?

Makers are artists, writers, photographers, collectors, and designers, they are the creators and dreamers that are driven to create the next great brands of the future.

We accept applications from makers with:

  • Vintage or antique collectibles
  • High-quality craft and handmade items
  • Up-cycled or restored salvage
  • Artists
  • Up-and-coming brands

We do not accept makers with:

  • Direct sales & multi-level marketing (Mary Kay, LulaRoe, It Works, LipSense, Scentsy, etc).
  • Wholesale distributors (This is in contrast to a boutique)
  • Franchises

We are a family-friendly event and do not accept makers or products with:

  • Weapons
  • Products with hateful and divisive messages
  • Drug paraphernalia/products and messaging that promote drugs
  • Curative products like CBD oils or pain relievers.

Food & Drinks

At this time, food and drinks that are consumed in the market are not allowed. Foods that are packaged to be taken outside of the market and consumed are allowed.  This is due to the fact that we want all attendees to keep their masks on as much as possible and we are not sure that we will have designated food/drink areas inside the market due to the space we will need to provide for social distancing.

How are Makers evaluated and selected?

Our aim is to select Makers we feel have the most potential for brand growth and wish to get exposure at our markets to get to the next level.

Makers are judged on the following criteria:


  • Products: Quality/uniqueness – we prioritize handmade items.
  • Booth display: please see our Pinterest board for what we are looking for.
  • Online presence, following, growth, and engagement: website, Facebook, and Instagram.

During the market our team is looking for the following qualities in Makers to be invited back:

  • General good vibes and attitude
  • Engagement and attentiveness with shoppers
  • Promotional efforts online
  • Booth display
  • Adherence to schedules (payment, load-in, load-out)
  • Good communication
  • Maker’s understanding and compliance of our policies (leaving booth space clean, etc.)

Please note: We have a capped amount of Makers per category to ensure the market maintains a standard of high-quality and variety. 

Participation in past markets does not guarantee a spot for future markets as we do rotate vendors.

What if this is my first show?

Our market is for first time makers as well as emerging and established brands.

We encourage first-time Makers to apply to our markets. Booth displays will be required and we encourage first-time Makers to create a test-run display inside or outside of their home to give our team an understanding of what your booth will look like as well as show us you are fully prepared for the market.

We highly suggest you check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Are fees refundable?

Once a maker is accepted into our market, we do not issue any refunds under any circumstances. Credits to a future market are only given in the event the market is postponed due to government-imposed COVID ordinances, these credits may be used within 2 years.

In the case that you have to cancel or simply cannot attend please email as soon as possible. Day-of cancellations and no shows without any communication can affect future acceptances.

We highly suggest you check out Event Helper and consider business insurance and event insurance as they help cover your costs in case of emergency or inclement weather.

Does the market operate rain or shine?

The market operates rain or shine. In the unlikely event of a large severe thunderstorm all day, we give the makers the choice to cancel the market for the day. There are no refunds for weather-related cancellations. Please see FAQ question: “What does it take to put on a market?”

Can I get electricity?

This outdoor location does not have electricity easily accessible so if you have special electrical needs please contact our team at to see if we can accommodate you and what the charge for electricity will be.

Please be prepared with extra cellphone battery chargers and ice coolers if you have food products that need to stay cool.

Are food trucks and trailer boutiques allowed?

Lunch Food and Drink trucks are not allowed due to the fact that this is a community event and we are encouraging attendees to eat local within the neighborhood as well as we want to encourage all attendees to keep their masks on as long as possible. Food that is prepackaged to be consumed outside of the market is allowed.

Trailer boutiques are allowed but please email us your trailer size to get a quote.

How do I know if I have been accepted?

While we try to email every Maker about the status of their application within two weeks, we do receive many applications daily and are not always able to respond to each one immediately.

You will be notified if you have been accepted. If you wish to email us about the status of your application and you have not heard back within 2 weeks, please do so at .

Can I bring my pet or child?

Our markets are not ideal for makers to bring their children and pets are not allowed. While you are manning your booth you are expected to be engaged with your customers. Feel free to email with any questions and request exceptions.

What are the logistics?

Each market has its own set of logistics. You will be sent a full folder of information and social media posts at least two weeks before a market and after you have paid for your booth.

We normally start set up 3 hours before a market on Saturday and 1.5 hours on Sunday. We expect all makers to be fully set up 45 minutes before opening.

Market Fees

Market fees are now paid upfront and will be refunded excluding the $25 application fee if you are not accepted into the market or waitlisted.

2021 application fees are $25 per market and non-refundable. This covers all administrative costs of processing the applications but does not guarantee acceptance into the market.

please read faq before applying