Find the Perfect Gifts for Your Sign

Here’s your sign… to get your holiday shopping done! Find the perfect present for everyone in your life based on their horoscope.

Aries: The Ram

Tiramisu Paperie

Have an Aries on your list this year? Grab them a great gift from Tiramisu Paperie. This Fire sign is described as: confident, bold, spontaneous and independent. They’re often an inspiration to those around them. They’d love the Making Shit Happen Notepad Care Pack ($25). Or show them you care in a sassy way they’d appreciate, in the form of a Card (starting at $5, but use code BUY2GET1 to save).

Taurus: The Bull

Katie Dean Jewelry

Katie Dean Jewelry is the perfect place to start shopping for the bull in your life. This Earth sign is known for being practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic. They also happen to have a love of luxury and comfort, which is exactly what this shop offers! Spoil them rotten with the gift of personalization in the Initial Collection ($148 on sale). Or let them celebrate their sign all year long with the Birthstone Gift Set ($166 on sale).

Gemini: The Twins

Bnatural Organic Products LLC

Some say Geminis are the liveliest Air signs of all! They’re constantly juggling a variety of pursuits, passions, hobbies, careers, and social circles. Consider them the social butterfly of the zodiac calendar. Being such a twin about town can wear a person down! We suggest you gift them something from Bnatural Organic Products LLC, the boutique that offers natural and organic products for a “healthier and more eco-conscious life.” Keep their skin looking as versatile and youthful as they are with goods like the the Herbal Face Tonic ($31) that promises to “bring tired skin back to life, or the Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter ($31) “to combat the signs of time.”

Cancer: The Crab

Minik Collection

We identify so much with “the homebody” of the zodiac. This Water sign is known for being nurturing, sensitive, compassionate and both security-seeking and offering. They’ll be in heaven when you gift them something from Minik Collection. We can’t imagine a better gift for your crab than the Harem Pants collection (starting at $25); they’re ethically made from reclaimed fabrics in Turkey. Don’t sacrifice comfort in your closet, shop from their selection of: kimonos, dresses, jumpsuits and more!

Leo: The Lion

Ravel & UnRavel

Colorful, creative and inspired. We live a vibrant life and want to be surrounded by all the things that reflect that.” Think we’re quoting a Leo? Close! That’s from Ravel & UnRavel, making them the perfect go-to for gifts for the lion in your life! The Fire signs on your shopping list will fall in love with the Hand Dyed Clothing collection (starting at $6). Leos are known for being creative, enthusiastic and cheerful, meaning we think they’d also be thrilled to receive something from their bold Jewelry line (starting at $28).

Virgo: The Virgin

Mini Press Paper Co.

Looking for the (astrological) virgin this season? Virgos are called the the busiest and most organized of the signs, often called a perfectionist and planner! They’re considered logical, practical, and systematic in all things. What better place to shop than at Mini Press Paper Co.?! Help your favorite Earth sign stay organized with a gift they really want, a Calendar (from $20) or Planner ($20)!

Libra: The Scales

Kate Koel

Let’s be honest, Libras are known for loving quality and luxurious goods. Kate Koel has got just what you’re looking for when it comes to the sign of the scales. This Air sign is also called fair, social, clever and idealistic. We suggest something from the Gold Leaf collection (from $40) or even the Everyday Basics which are simply stunning (from $20).

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Planets In Time

Scorpion signs are known to be determined, brave, loyal and most interestingly, fearlessly curious! Give your Water sign something one of a kind; create a personalized print from Planets In Time‘s hand-painted solar system artwork, “using NASA algorithms to accurately plot the planets to your chosen date.” If they were ever curious about how the planets aligned at one given moment, this is the gift for them! Create Your Print  (from $50)

Sagittarius: The Archer

Afra Khanani Designs

Archers were born for adventure! They’re known for being restless souls and lovers of freedom. That’s why Afra Khanani Designs is the perfect place to get your holiday shopping done! The travel and lifestyle photographer will have them feeling like they’re worlds away just by looking at these Prints (starting at $5)! Choose from scenes your Fire sign will love from: California, Puerto Rico, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and more!

Capricorn: The Goat

Samantha Slater Studio

Samantha Slater Studio is our go-to for this Earth sign. Goats are the ultimate worker bees, they’re ambitious, organized, practical and goal-oriented. We suggest you get your Capricorn something they can wear for work and pleasure that also offers practicality, like a Mask Set (starting at $39). They pair jewelry and masks so the recipient can continue to safely crush goals while looking great!

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Aloha Earthlings

This Air sign is the ultimate humanitarian! We think the easy going, original type will swoon for presents from Aloha Earthlings. They “want to be a part of your sustainable journey” and offer up everything your Aquarius’ home and self care cabinet. We love their kitchen related products, like the Bamboo Utensil Set ($16) and 3-Piece Basic dishwashing kit ($29).

Pisces: The Fishes

MercuryX Shop

MercuryX Shop is your one stop shop for this Water sign! These incredibly creative types will love anything from the Crystal collection (starting at $10); or go all out and snag them a Shelf to house their crystals and plants. Fishes are commonly referred to as the most intuitive sign, and would likely appreciate Smudge Sticks ($8) that double as great stocking stuffers!

Just follow the stars, and our gift guide, right to the checkout line! You can’t go wrong with any of these picks and they’ll love to hear why it was astrologically meant to be! Just a reminder, check our virtual market to look for these makers; many offer discount codes for virtual market-goers! Shop and save! Be sure you drop a comment below if you snag any of these great recommendations and tag us in your photos!

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