Markets for Makers Terms and Conditions

Updated December 1, 2023


Makers may only apply as one company per application and must exhibit products/services as represented in the application submitted.

Applications do not guarantee acceptance into the market. Application fees are nonrefundable.

Exclusivity is not guaranteed to any one maker, but precautions will be taken to limit duplication of similar items and spacing out makers with similar products.


Your payment details for your booth will be stored in, our secure payment system. Your card information may be deleted to keep up with PCI compliance, so you may need to update it periodically.

You will be charged for an application fee upfront and notified via email if you have been accepted to each market you apply for.

If you have been accepted to any market, we will notify you via email and you will have a 24 hour window to let us know if you can not make it. After that, booth fees and booth credit card processing fees (3.99% unless paying by eCheck) will be charged automatically on the card on file and are non-refundable.

If you have been accepted into the Austin market and wish to offer samples under any circumstance during the event, you will be required to pay the $280.00/Booth Austin Public Health Temporary Food Event Application fee. You will submit your payment to our team within the required deadline noted in your acceptance email.

You will not be charged for a table/booth fee if you are not accepted into a market.


Applications will note which date acceptances will start.

After acceptances start, new applications are reviewed weekly until the market is full. Once a market or category is full, this will be noted on the application or in the city’s information.



Makers are required to use white tents or umbrellas in the Jungle Plaza in Miami unless otherwise coordinated with written approval Markets for Makers at least two weeks out from a market.


Makers will be provided an empty space and must provide their own white tent, tables, chairs, extension cords, display, etc. You are responsible for any damages caused by your company to the building, the market, attendees or other makers.

If outdoors, tents must fit in the space provided and able to withstand inclement weather. Tents or umbrellas must be fully weighted on all corners so it is secure despite wind. It is the Maker’s responsibility to ensure that tents will never become a threat to other Makers or attendees.

Makers are fully responsible for their own personal property. Neither Markets for Makers LLC nor the venue will assume liability for any losses that you may incur including overnight stays of the market.


Application fees are paid upfront and are non refundable. Booth fees and booth credit card processing fees (3.99% unless paying by eCheck) are non-refundable after acceptance. 

Once a maker is accepted into a market, we do not issue any refunds or credits under any circumstances. This includes unforeseeable events including but not limited to pandemic outbreaks, new regulations prohibiting gatherings, Maker (or your staff) contracting COVID-19, government regulations, hurricanes or other weather related events. 

In the case that you have to cancel or simply cannot attend please email as soon as possible. Day-of cancellations and no-shows without any communication will affect future acceptances.


Markets for Makers LLC may adjust hours of the Event due to forces of nature or other occurrences beyond our control in the name of safety. Such changes will not be considered a breach of this agreement, and will not constitute grounds for a refund.


Makers are responsible for collecting and reporting their own sales tax. Approved applicants are solely responsible for maintaining their compliance with relevant state, local, and federal health regulations, codes, licenses, insurance, and taxes.


The sale of firearms, weapons, CBD products, alcohol, tobacco, obscene materials, items with drug or violent connotations, drug paraphernalia or drug related items, stolen merchandise, and illegal paraphernalia is forbidden. Any exceptions must be taken up with our team in writing. 


Photos or video including sound may be taken at this event of you, your booth, and/or your products or works and used to promote this and future events by Markets for Makers LLC, its affiliates, and other advertising entities.


Markets for Makers has the right to move, remove, or limit the participation of any applicant at any time for any reason.


You are acknowledging that you understand the contagious nature of COVID-19 and its variants that can lead to severe illness and death and that any public place has inherent risk of exposure. You understand that Markets for Makers can not guarantee that you will not be exposed. Markets for Makers will follow local COVID required guidelines and laws for each market and city, which may change at any time. Makers are required to follow these laws or will be asked to leave without refund.

You are responsible for following any protocols you feel will reduce your exposure to COVID-19. By participating in Markets for Makers, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure of COVID-19. You understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of yourself and others, including, but not limited to, Markets for Makers staff, makers and attendees.