Treat Yo Self and Someone Else this Season

Selfcare is always in season, but sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves first! Treat yourself and someone else over the holidays with some of our favorite finds!


Remind everyone you’re the only centerpiece needed this season. Cafuné is the home of “the original wire pearl headband!” Crank up your Zoom look, accessorize your wedding style, get proudly adorned for prom, or any other special event. Nothing is more festive than the Cafuné headpiece ($100).

Pacha Designs Studio

Nature inspires each polymer clay piece at Pacha Designs Studio. “Pacha comes from the word Pachamama, an Inca goddess also known as Mother Earth.” Isn’t the ultimate goal to feel like a goddess? Get one step closer to idol status with The Zurich ($38).

Bnatural Organic Products

It all starts with the skin, and finds from this boutique shop “support sustainable brands offering natural and organic products for a healthier and more eco-conscious life.” Bnatural Organic Products will get you glowing without the guilt of added toxins. We can’t choose just one item, we suggest you shop the full Makeup collection (starting at $18.70).

Katie Dean Jewelry

Katie Dean Jewelry creates “handmade, dainty jewels to inspire women to try something new, embrace their femininity, and feel beautiful while still feeling like themselves.” Easily elevate your style with something fun, modern and “effortlessly beautiful” like this Everyday Necklace Set ($95). It’s the quickest way to transform a look from sloppy to unstoppable!

Sayblee LLC

We’ve covered the closet and skincare but what about those not-so-lucious-locks?! Sayblee LLC is slinging an “organic, vegan certified hair care product line made of all-natural ingredients” that can get your tresses back on the right track! We suggest the Trial Kit (starting at $80.00). Sayblee promises a Triple R total haircare system: Restore, Regrow and Retain!

Sparti Scents 

Sparti Scents is coming up roses with their twist-on, portable swivel stick perfume! It’s the perfect “everyday use or on the go fragrance for women.” Even better?! The brand has made a “clean commitment” and never tests on animals! You’ll want every scent, but we suggest you start with the Love Sparti ($28), offering “a delicious blend of Floral, Hyacinth and Fruity notes.” Feel like a million bucks, and smell like one, too!

Holly Keith Lingerie

We’re all worried about the parts of our wardrobe that you can see, but what about what’s underneath?! Your comfort and confidence starts with your undies. That’s where Holly Keith Lingerie comes in (hot, might we add). The luxury lingerie brand is focused on providing “high-quality lingerie” through their own new and unique sizing system! They cater to women of all body types and sizes, saying, “Our aim is to fit more women, better.” Upgrade your unmentionables with finds like the Silk Bra ($139). You’ll be so happy you did you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops.

The Lab Girl

The Lab Girl is committed to helping you get your shine back, starting with your hair! Anyone would be thrilled with the gift of good hair. A great place to start is with the Good Hair Day Every Day biotin gummy bears ($25). They’re vegan & cruelty free featuring 13 vitamins and minerals to control hair loss and stimulate growth! Get it growing again from the inside out!

You can’t go wrong with any of these personal care products! Make yourself a priority or help a pal get their groove back! It’s not selfish, it’s wellness! Just a reminder, check our virtual market to look for these makers; many offer discount codes for virtual market-goers! Shop and save! Be sure you drop a comment below if you snag any of these great recommendations and tag us in your photos! Happy pampering!

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