Grand Rapids MI

Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015 by CEO Emily Griffen and operating partner Luke Alan, and named after their chihuahua Brew, Brewt’s was started with one goal in mind, to create truly handcrafted, all-natural, premium food and beverage products for every reason to get together with loved ones and enjoy life’s party.

Brunch is a religion in L.A. (where she called home at the time) and became a weekend ritual she looked forward to. While Bloody Mary’s were her to-go choice, she came to find that the mixers restaurants used were terrible for you; loaded up with extra sodium, sugar, and preservatives. No thanks. To combat this, she made her own. It was opposite from the mixes of brunches past. Packed full of fresh ingredients which only enhanced the classic Bloody taste. We have since traded in our kitchen for a bustling facility complete with bottling, co-packing, and a ghost kitchen in Grand Rapids, MI. The rest as they say, is history.

We’re so glad you enjoy our product. We pride ourselves on the roots that built us: local focus, fresh ingredients, and damn good Bloody Marys.”

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