Holly Keith Lingerie

Holly Keith Lingerie

Jacksonville, FL

Holly Keith Lingerie (HKL) is a luxury lingerie brand, re-inventing the way bra sizing is done. Our focus is fit, so your focus can be on feeling beautiful.

HKL was founded after years of researching not only the industry and history of lingerie, but also women’s bodies, measurements, and bra sizing. Holly discovered a disconnect between the bra sizes offered and the bra sizes women should be wearing. It was then that she realized something different needed to be done to a sizing system that hadn’t been updated since its invention in the 1930s.

Society has told us we are either an A, B, C, D, or DD cup with sizes rarely extending beyond that. This has not only limited the sizing the industry has offered, but also creating certain stigmas around sizes. With this in mind, Holly Keith Lingerie has invented a new bra sizing system that turns your focus to fit, not the size label. Our aim is to fit more women, better, with beautiful and luxurious lingerie.

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