Jipsē Candles + Apothecary

Jipsē Candles + Apothecary

Jacksonville, FL

We are seriously into STAYING HOME, MUSIC that makes you dance alone in your pj’s, cupcakes (donuts, etc), tequila (wine too), The Real Housewives of New York, THE PLANET, the beach, giant hats, HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN, animals, GOOD SMELLS, feeling cozy, a warm bath, SELF CARE & GUILTY PLEASURES. Did I mention animals.

We are NOT INTO being perfect, testing on animals, fomo, judging others, not having a sense of humor or being able to laugh at yourself.

We relish in the joy of making luxury products that incorporate a little fun and sass.
Combing a minimalistic, soft & slightly feminine design, with a touch of musical whimsy, creating an unconventional vibe.

We always use ethically resourced ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals & cruelty free.

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