Moji Masala

Moji Masala

New York, NY

We are Moji Masala® and we make it super easy for you to cook authentic and traditional homemade Indian food without spending hundreds of dollars on spices and hundreds of hours shopping for them. It’s the kind of Indian food you’d eat in someone’s home.

Moji means Mama in Kashmiri. Masala means spice blend. We are a family owned and operated business and these masalas and recipes have been carefully handed down through the generations. It is our great joy to share them with you.

Moji’s premium Indian spice blends are ethically sourced from around the world, ground fresh and heat sealed in foil lined kraft pouches. Each pack is pre-measured and comes with a shopping list of a few simple ingredients on the back. With our corresponding recipe, you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it is to cook like Moji.
Our twelve single packet masalas and multi-pack gift sets are for Vegans and meat lovers alike.

One pack = One Dish. It’s That Easy.

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