Win Secret Santa This Year with these Great Gifts

Secret Santa is one of our favorite traditions each year, but it can come with a lot of pressure to grab an absolutely great gift! How do you find the perfect present for the lucky pal you drew? From co-workers to your inner circle, and even the pickiest family member, we’ve got you covered! Shop our guide for one of kind gifts that will make everyone wish they got you for their Secret Santa!

Randi Lynn Reed Illustration

The first stop on our list is Portland based artist, Randi Lynn Reed Illustration! Nature is her muse, and you can see it in all of her goodies like this precious Flora and Fauna Notebook Set ($18)! Let your recipient decide how to use it: great recipes, notes to self, a dear diary or for penning the outline of the next great American novel! These notebooks will have them feeling inspired!


Skip the gift cards and run of the mill big box stores! NÉOS CANDLESTUDIO is your go-to for bold and eclectic candles! There’s no way anyone else in your group will be gifted this Venus Bust Candle ($35)! These works of art are handmade and poured in their California studio, made with 100% pure soy wax and no chemical additives!

Sweet Harvest Farms

Pamper them with goodies from Sweet Harvest Farms! The maker behind the brand “uses her 24 yrs of medical experience to formulate her own unique natural and handmade organic soap and lotion recipes!” Your giftee will be like putty in your hands after enjoying some Relaxing Bath Salts ($25). And who wouldn’t love Natural Handmade Organic Soap (starting at $10)?!

Moji Masala

Did you get the foodie of the group?! We’ve got the shop for you! Moji Masala carries freshly ground, “impeccably stored” Indian spice blends! We think the Sweet Masala Gift Bag ($22) is perfect for the holiday season! Maybe you’ll get a thank you in the form of something they cook up using your gift! Talk about a win-win!

Hepps Salt Co.

Want to make your friend feel like a culinary genius? Introduce them to the wide world of salt! At Hepps Salt Co. they bring the “gourmet cooking experience into the everyday person’s home.” If our own Secret Santa is reading this, we’re crossing our fingers for the Hepps Truffle Popcorn Kit ($25)! Snuggle season calls for cozy blankets, the couch and hot popcorn!

Silver and Shine

Find “products made with heart and soul” and a delicious sense of humor over at  Silver and Shine! Be the best Secret Santa you can be and get them this Feeling Stabby Cheese Knife ($14)! It’s perfect for the hostess, wine lover or cheese enthusiast!

Made by Kippen

Want to give them something you know no one else will receive?! Shop Made by Kippen where every product is handmade and hand poured out of Charlotte, meaning “no two pieces are ever the same!” From concrete planters to soy candles, there’s something for everyone on your list. If they’re a plant lover we suggest the No.34| Propagation Station ($28); talk about functional, modern home decor!

Seed and Soil

Were they naughty or nice this year? Really, really nice? Well then head to Seed and Soil for the perfect surprise! Everything from this shop is handmade in small batches from their home studio in Northern California. All of their minimal jewelry is timeless and breathtaking, but we’d love to be on the receiving end of the Minimalist Bar Necklace ($28)!


We’re making a list, and checking it twice, and Milkweed is absolutely on it for holiday finds! It’s the “chainstitch embroidery brand with a focus on patches, custom embroidery and handmade clothing!” Tell someone they have a pizza your heart and snag them this Pepperoni Pizza Patch Set of 2 ($20); if you’re lucky they might ask you to keep one and make it a friendship patch!


Did you get the animal lover this year?! You’re in luck. Youngi is your one stop shop. The artist’s “sumi style depicts the spirit (Ch’i) unique to each pet” and it will have your Secret Santa recipient in the paw-lm of your hands. See what we did there? Who wouldn’t love these Cats & Dogs Magnets ($12)!

You can’t go wrong with any of these Secret Santa gifts! Just a reminder, check our virtual market to look for these makers; many offer discount codes for virtual market-goers! Shop and save! Be sure you drop a comment below if you snag any of these great recommendations and tag us in your holiday photos!

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